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Stichting Gurmuu Foundation

Gillis van Ledenberchstraat 48-2
1052 VJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce No: 34309799
RSIN/physical number:8198.16.759
Account number:NL76INGB0006787973

Address in Ethiopia

Stichting Gurmuu Foundation
Arada S. City, District 02
H. no.: 342/B7-74
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Registration No.: 6519
Tax office Identification No.: 0082227836
CBE, account nr.: 1000 5221 85861 -
Bole Japan Branch
CBE, account nr.:1000 5288 22308 -


Tel: +31 20 7746398
Mobile NL: +31 61268 1680
Mobile Ethiopia: +251 953651752


Gurmuu Foundation

Since 2006 many Oromo refugees have arrived in the Netherlands from the neighboring countries of Ethiopia. In many cases they came with complete families with an average of 3-5 children. This was through the Dutch government resettlement and family reunion programme. These ‘new comers’ are now living in different regions of the Netherlands.

Gurmuu Foundation brings Oromo new comers, families and other Oromo’s living in the Netherlands together and offers them training and advice concerning the integration into the Dutch society. Besides this, the Foundation organizes sports activities for youth and cultural events with the aim to bring people together and exchange knowledge and experiences.

Activities in the Netherlands

In collaboration with the Orange Fund, Gurmuu Foundation organized the following three activities in 2012 and 2013.

1. Integration of the new arrivals in the Netherlands

To support the integration of the new comers into the Dutch society, the Foundation organized workshops about Dutch culture, habits and the practical side of schooling, living and working in the Netherlands.

Integration Workshop in picture.

2. Sports activities for youths and parents

To bring together the second generation, their parents and the new comers, Gurmuu organized a sports event in Amsterdam.

Sport Activities in picture.

3. Women network workshop

To support women and know each other and develop communication Gurmuu organized a workshop for Oromo women new comers, the first and second generation of Oromo women in the Netherland. During this meeting there was an exchange of experiences and a first elaboration about the start of an Oromo women Network in the Netherlands.

Women's Workshop in picture.

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Gurmuu Foundation seeks partners and volunteers to further develop the training workshops and network building for Oromo women and youth in the Netherlands.

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