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Educational projects Hawii Shabe

In Ethiopia Gurmuu Foundation supports the ‘Hawii highschool' in Shabe. This school is lacking just about everything. For a total of 1200 students only limited class rooms are available. For this reason lessons are given in shifts. One half of the students follow lessons in the morning, from eight till half past twelve. The other half goes to school from one till half past five. Despite these shifts all class rooms are packed to the limit. Besides a lack of teaching materials there is also a great demand for furniture like tables, chairs, benches and cupboards.

Computer project

Until recently the students and teachers of Hawii Shabe didn’t have access to any computer. Many students had never even seen a computer. In 2011 Gurmuu Foundation supported Hawii Shabe by sending them twenty computers which made it possible to start computer lessons. With computer lessons the students could get used to computer and hopefully improve their chances in employment and further education. The computers for Hawii Shabe were donated by Login Computer service in Amsterdam and General Practice and outpatient clinic in Irisplein3, Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

Library project

Besides computers the school was also lacking in teaching materials like books. While most high schools have a library the Hawii Shabe school had hardly any books available. For this reason Gurmuu Foundation has shipped 4500 books to Hawii Shabe which enables them to start a proper library. The books were donated by Foundation Read to Grow in the Netherlands.

Follow-up projects

In order to bring further improvement to the facilities at Hawii Shabe, more help is needed. The 1200 students of Hawii Shabe are in urgent need for more class rooms and extra space for the library and computer lessons.

Besides building extra class rooms there is also a great need for furniture. As you could see from the pictures of the school on the website 4 to 5 students have to share a computer. There is a lack of proper desks, chairs and tables. In the library there is a need for additional shelves, cupboards and reading tables which will enable students to put the available books to good use. Also in the existing class rooms additional chairs, desks and benches are needed.

Join in!

The Hawii Shabe high school offers secondary education to 1200 students and is, by doing so, very important for the Shabe-Sombo region. Gurmuu Foundation will keep supporting Hawii Shabe and seeks partners who want to contribute to the extension of the school, the furnishing of the class rooms and the general improvement of education at Hawii Shabe.

For more information you can contact the foundation by sending e-mail to:

Donations for this project can be transferred to Gurmuu Foundation, account number: NL35INGB0004150020, quote Hawii Shabe.